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Betting on the Olympics: how is the Netherlands doing?

The Olympics, one of the most prestigious events in the world of sport. This summer it is that time again, at the bookmakers the opportunities to bet on the Olympics present themselves. Which Dutch athletes stand a chance of winning a medal this summer and who is the best bet for you?

On 05 August 2016, the Olympic Games will open spectacularly in Rio de Janeiro. The celebration, held every 4 years, counts as one of the biggest and most prestigious sporting events in the world. The Olympics serves as a hotbed for countless sports betting opportunities. Read all about betting on the Olympics on Heel Holland Gokt.

Betting on the Olympic Games

The Netherlands is sending 241 athletes off to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. These are Dutch athletes staying in the Olympic village. Athletes acting as reserves or those athletes staying outside the Olympic accommodation have not been counted, sports umbrella NOC*NSF reported.Who is representing our country, and who are the contenders for an Olympic medal? As a sports betting fan, who will you put your money on? And who will surprise us in Rio de Janeiro?

King's number

The traditional King's number of the Olympics is the 100-metre jumps. While in the men's event the battle will erupt between crowd favourite and dyed-in-the-wool winner Jamaican Usain Bolt and American Justin Gatlin, in the women's event Dutch pride Dafne Schippers is the big contender for gold. The finals of the 100-metre sprint are scheduled in the final week of the Olympics. Dafne will then be in action, attempting to turn her world title into an Olympic plaque. If you play sports betting then betting on Dafne Schippers or Usain Bolt is a good move.

Betting on Swimming

The Netherlands has a successful history with Olympic sports in and on water. Water polo, sailing, swimming and rowing have been components where the Netherlands has managed to secure medals in previous Olympic Games. Ranomi Kromowidjojo was four years ago, the queen in the water. She managed to win no less than three medals, two gold in the 50 and 100-metre freestyle and a silver with the relay team. Four years later, Ranomi is no longer favourite, if she still manages to take the gold then you as a sports betting player will win as much as 9.0x your stake. That's definitely worth a bet.

Betting on Sailing

The Netherlands is a real water country, so it is no surprise that we score well in water sports. Marit Bouwmeester (Laser class) and Dorian van Rijsselberghe (windsurfing) belong to the absolute world top. Both already have Olympic medals under their belt, and are considered among the favourites in Rio. During the Olympic Games, the Olympic committee hands out ten gold medals in the various sailing events. If Marit Bouwmeester takes the gold then you win back 2.90x your stake. Would you rather put your money on the men?

Betting on Wrestling

Wrestler Jessica Blazska will be the first Dutch wrestler in history to represent our country at the 28th edition of the summer Olympics. Blazska (23) broke through last year thanks to third place at the World Championships in Las Vegas, grabbing a ticket to the Games. Do you want to bet on Dutch pride? If Jessica Blaszka takes the gold, you will win no less than 8.0x your bet. If you prefer to play it safe in sports betting, bet that Blaszka finishes 1-4 and receive 1.33x your stake.

Jessica Blazska is backed from the casino world. Indeed, the Limburg Olympian is sponsored by the physical SuperGame casino with seven branches in Limburg.

Betting on gymnastics

Epke Zonderland Dutch pride on the horizontal bar. Will Epke convince again this Olympic Games and win the gold in spectacular fashion? If you prefer to take a risk when playing sports sweepstakes business betting, bet on Yuri van Gelder. The Lord of the Rings is back, if you put your money on Yuri van Gelder, you will receive 9 times your stake back when he takes the gold.

Betting on the Netherlands

Want to bet on the Olympics, but not on a specific athlete? Then bet on the performance of the Dutch team. If you think the Dutch team manages to get more than 6 gold medals, you will win back 1.75x your stake.

All sports betting enthusiasts are wondering! How is the Dutch team doing now that the first Olympic days are over and are we still on course for the predicted medal haul. Heel Holland Gokt answers.

The Olympic Games opened on Friday 05 August and the Netherlands now has 2 medals up for grabs. Gold for cyclist Anna van der Breggen and bronze for Judoka Anicka van Emden. Before the start of the Olympics, NOC-NSF proclaimed that the Dutch team would come home with as many as 20 medals or maybe more. A record on the Dutch Olympic medal meter. Dutch sports betting enthusiasts came home cold in recent days. Dutch athletes recorded more defeats than victories. Should we be worried? Or are the Dutch athletes still on course for a medal rain.

We are doing no worse than other games. Four years ago in London, the Dutch team also managed only two medals after four days, and 20 plaques were also eventually taken home at the end of the games. So the Dutch team is on course.

Betting on the Dutch team

Sports data agency Gracenote Sports (formerly Infostrada) is also confident about the Dutch team. They assume a prediction of 28 medals for the Dutch Olympic team.

According to head of data analysis Simon van Gleave, there is nothing wrong. Gracenote Sports had predicted two medals after four days and there are now. Besides van der Breggen, Gracenote sports had the relay swimmers on a medal for silver. They unfortunately missed out on this. But instead, van Emden managed to take the bronze in judo yesterday.

If you are a sports betting fan and want to put your money on the Dutch team, there are still plenty of opportunities.

Betting on Great Britain

Great Britain is performing dramatically this Olympic Games. The British are 5 medals behind the prediction of sports data company Gracenote. Especially in swimming, the brits have missed out on a lot of medals. If this drama continues for the Brits, you better not bet your money on the British Olympic squad but just keep betting on our Dutch toppers.

Betting on the Olympics

Betting on the Olympics is something special. Once every four years, the best athletes in the world get the chance to compete for the most prestigious medal of honour.

From behind your laptop or smartphone, you can bet money on these magnificent ladies and gentlemen at various sportsbooks, and perhaps win a nice prize yourself.

The Olympics are over and the Dutch sports heroes are coming back to the Netherlands. How many medals did the Netherlands win? Who surprised us? Are the results better than the 2012 London Games? Read on to find out all about the Dutch medals.

Medals Netherlands Rio de Janeiro 2016

The Netherlands won 19 medals in Rio de Janeiro: 8 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. What is striking is that the medals won by the Netherlands these Olympics were not predicted in advance. For instance, no medals were grabbed at swimming (indoor swimming) these Games. More was expected from Ranomi Kromowidjojo in particular. On the medal tally, the Netherlands finished 11th, some distance behind number 10 Australia. Proud we can certainly be as the Netherlands. However, with 10 times a fourth place finish, there could have been more.

The surprises of the Netherlands

One of the Netherlands' biggest surprises is surely Sanne Wevers. Sanne won gold on the beam final. After a mistake by top favourite Simone Biles, there were opportunities for the Netherlands, and they were made the most of. With a score of 15.466, Sanne Wevers surprised everyone and won gold. Marathon swimming also performed excellently. Gold medals were captured in both the women's and men's events. While Sharon van Rouwendaal won convincingly, Ferry Weertman needed a sprint to overtake Greek Spyridon Gianniotis. And then there was track cycling, where Elis Ligtlee came first with a very convincing final race, giving the current Olympic champion and current world champion no chance.

Results compared to London

In London, TeamNL was better represented with 20 medals than in Rio de Janeiro. However, back then there were only 6 gold medals for the Netherlands. Moreover, the Netherlands then ranked 13th in the medal rankings and had to leave countries like Kazakhstan behind. The medals won in London are also very different from the medals won in Rio de Janeiro this year. Back then, for example, four medals were won in swimming (indoor swimming) and four medals in equestrian. Furthermore, both hockey teams performed less and Epke Zonderland failed to medal in Rio de Janeiro due to a violent fall in the final.

Betting on the Olympics

How did your sports betting go these Olympics? Of course America finished in first place in the medal table, as it does every year. Those who bet money on Britain finishing second in the medal mirror can clap their hands. And the fact that Dafne Schippers did not win gold will also disappoint many. However, Dorian van Rijsselberghe did take gold as the big favourite. Let us know how these Olympics turned out for you!

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